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Veins those serving thighs and buttocks corresponds with this sign. Positive Aspects of Sagittarius: Saggies are sincere, honest, frank, love justice, generous, have good foresight, intuitive, perseverance, dependable, genial have high hopes, logical and good at charity. Negative Aspects of Sagittarius: Saggies are at times boisterous overconfident, rash, changeable, blunt, aggressive overly, defiance, uncompromising. They need to avoid prodigality, speculation, and sportiveness.

Special Tips: Remain confident but not overly and deliberate well before initiating action and have a methodical approach to avoid confusion. The entire year, Saturn will transit in the 1st house is bad for the relations with siblings, conjugal harmony and health.

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You may feel Sagittarius Horoscope and Astrology. Sagittarius Compatibility with other zodiac signs Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign transited by the Sun between November 23 and December Representation of this sign is associated with a figure of a half man and a half horse, something that Read More. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 07 October to 13 October 07 October to 13 October In the first two days of this week, the people of Sagittarius will be engaged in creating a clean picture in their personal and professional lives.

You will see that in this Read More. Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope October In the first week of October , people of Sagittarius will be equipped with more opportunities to set up their career. You will have a great advantage in the areas of Read More. Here, you will get answers to all your queries. We provide predictions about Read More.

Sagittarius Overview Well developed and handsome figure, almond eyes, brown hair, high and bushy eyebrows, long face, long nose, Personalised Predictions. A dreamy and romantic energy is in the air as the moon connects with Neptune, the planet of illusions, at AM, and then with love and beauty planet Venus at PM.

The moon opposes Pluto at PM, stirring up complicated emotions—watch out for power struggles! Your focus is on your relationships thanks to the moon in Cancer, and today might find you feeling a rollercoaster of emotions.


Just try to wrap things up before this evening, when there will be intense vibes in the air! Just watch out for an intense conversation this evening. The moon is in Cancer today, lighting up the communication sector of your chart. The moon in Cancer lights up the financial sector of your chart today, Gemini, and while easy vibes flow for most of the day, some stress concerning debts or shared resources comes up tonight.

The moon is in your sign today, Cancer!

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When Neptune steams up you could find yourself floating in a fantasy world. Marvellous if you are artistic, but be wary of investing large sums in property without expert advice. Saturn in your cash house will be especially stingy, so that should restrict any yearnings to buy impractical pink-turreted castles. Most people worry about Saturn in the second house of cash because nobody wants to feel financially insecure. Of course, there is always the possibility of that base level of experience, but usually, because Saturn is setting a lesson for you to find out what is truly valuable in your life.

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It can even be that earnings actually increase because you have seriously spent quality time working on your self-worth issues…. Your Sagittarius Horoscope continues in eBook. Your email address will not be published.

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